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Professional Post-Surgical Recovery Care

Our caregivers have extensive experience and training in post-operative care. Whether a surgery is required or elected, extra assistance is often needed. Returning to your normal routine after surgery is a process – and having a trained caregiver by your side can help. The duties involved with post-operative care such as being in total compliance with a surgeon’s instructions, making dressing changes, or administering medications may not be something friends or family feel fully comfortable doing, and they are crucial to recovery. A professional caregiver will provide these services and more to help you relax and recover with fewer complications and give you and your loved ones peace of mind.


Private transportation right after your surgery and to your post-operative appointments

White Pills

Medication administration

Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Pain management

First Aid Kit

Dressing changes, ointment application, drain & suture care, icing

Skincare products

Assistance with
personal hygiene

Plant Based Meal

Three prepared organic meals per day (soft diet if required), fresh juices and smoothies.

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